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‘Why would THEY get an invite!?’ Andrew Pierce RIPS APART Harry and Meghan’s Christmas plan

Harry and Meghan have faced criticism for their apparent hope to spend Christmas this year at Sandringham alongside serving royals, despite their recent history with the family.

GB News hosts Andrew Pierce and Beverley Turner discussed the Sussexes’ plans on Britain’s Newsroom.

Reports say Prince Harry wants to spend Christmas with his family at Sandringham

PA / Buckingham Palace

“They spent three years running down the entire institutional royal family, The King, his wife, his brother, his sister-in-law, all for vast millions. And now they think they want to have spend Christmas at Sandringham. Nobody will want them.”

The couple’s Christmas plans have been unclear for sometime with conflicting reports on whether they wish to return to the UK, and whether they would even be allowed.

Harry and Meghan reportedly have concerns over security arrangements, no longer being offered royal security now they have left the UK.

However friends have now said they would feel comfortable at Sandringham or Balmoral as these are protected royal properties, giving them greater privacy.


Prince Harry
Prince Harry will look to introduce Archie, 4, and Lilibet, 2, to British traditions this Christmas, according to a royal expert.PA

In his 2022 Netflix documentary, Prince Harry said he missed “the weird family gatherings when we’re all brought together under one roof for certain times of the year.”

Royal commentator Katie Nicholl told that Harry will try to give his children as close to a British Christmas as possible despite the fact the family will be celebrating in the US.

“And more importantly,” said Bev, “why are they telling us that? Why are they leaking this private family communication?!”. Andrew added that they “can’t stop themselves.”

“You’d have to say if you’re going to come for Christmas lunch, you leave your phones at the door. Because we don’t trust you not to record us, film us, take notes for your next Netflix doc.”

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