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‘What happened in Ireland is coming to the US!’

Former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon has issued a dire warning about how migration is affecting the US.

Speaking on GB News, he demanded a “mass deportation” of “illegal invaders” who have entered the country during Biden’s tenure as US President.

He warned what happened in Ireland is “coming to the US at a much bigger scale”.

GB News’s Patrick Christys had asked Donald Trump’s former right hand man about the state of migration, stating the issue hadn’t been properly addressed in Britain despite the public repeatedly voting for action.

Steve Bannon has issued a warning over the Dublin riots


Bannon said the people of Britain need to “stand up” against “lies” on the matter.

“Not only should we be talking about a cap on migration, we should be taking about a reversal”, he said.


Dublin riots
Riots broke out in Dublin following the attack PA

“That’s what we’re going to have in the US. We’re not going to tolerate the nine million illegal invaders who have come in under the Biden regime.

“It’s going to be a huge fight. What we saw in Ireland is coming to the US at a much bigger scale.

“The people of Britain need to stand up and say, ‘look, we need to face this. Mistakes were made. We were lied to. The way they count the total cost of doing this is a lie’.

“They’re designating you as the problem. Nigel Farage is the problem. The people who protest are the problem.

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