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Von der Leyen slammed for ‘interfering’ over Brexit after EU leader claims she can ‘fix’ it

Von der Leyen has been accused of being “anti-democratic” and “delusional” by furious Tory MPs and politicians after she claimed she could “fix” Brexit, suggesting she wants to reverse it.

Asked if she thinks Britain will ever rejoin the EU, the Commission President said: “First of all, thank God. With the Windsor agreement, we had a new beginning for old friends. Very important.”

The UK signed the Windsor Framework agreement with the EU earlier this year as an attempt to prevent a hard border with Ireland and smoothe the flow of goods from Great Britain to Northern Ireland.

Speaking to Politico, Von der Leyen added: “And then I must say, I keep telling my children, you have to fix it.

WATCH: Ben Habib says ‘anyone who wishes to rejoin the EU is anti-British and anti-democratic’

“We goofed it up. You have to fix it.

“So I think here, too, the direction of travel, my personal opinion is clear.”

Reacting to her remarks, Conservative Deputy Chairman Lee Anderson said: “Brexit does not need fixing. We are quite capable of looking after our own affairs.

“It makes you wonder why they are so desperate to have us back. Maybe it’s all about the money.”

MP Tim Loughton dubbed her “delusional”, while former MEP Ben Habib accused her of being “anti-British”.

He told GB News: “She’s an anti-democratic, anti-British, rule-breaking interferer.”

Habib added: “She should keep her nose out of our business.”

Asked if Sunak agrees with von der Leyen, the Prime Minister’s official spokesman said: “No”.

He added: “It’s through our Brexit freedoms that we are, right now, considering how to further strengthen our migration system.


“It is through our Brexit freedoms we are ensuring patients in the UK can get access to medicines faster, that there is improved animal welfare. That is very much what we are focused on.”

Asked if Brexit was in peril, the official said: “No.”

Sunak’s press secretary added: “We have a Prime Minister who championed Brexit before it was in his career interest to do so because he believes in it passionately.

“We are very focused on making a success of it.”

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