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Trump news today: Nato comments spark backlash as ex-president calls on Taylor Swift to support him

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Donald Trump has been rebuked by President Joe Biden after proclaiming during a campaign rally in South Carolina that he would “encourage” Russia “to do whatever the hell they want” to any country that is “delinquent” in meeting its financial commitments to Nato.

President Biden was incensed by the remarks, commenting: “Serving as commander-in-chief is the ultimate responsibility and one that should weigh heavily on the individuals that hold this office.

“Trump’s admission that he intends to give Vladimir Putin a green light for more war and violence, to continue his brutal assault against a free Ukraine, and to expand his aggression to the people of Poland and the Baltic States is appalling and dangerous.

“Sadly, they are also predictable coming from a man who is promising to rule as a dictator like the ones he praises on day one if he returns to the Oval Office.”

Mr Trump was also chastised by his primary opponent Nikki Haley, who warned him not to “take the side of a thug”, while his rhetoric drew a divided reaction from his fellow Republicans.

The candidate otherwise spent the Super Bowl weekend vainly courting the support of pop superstar Taylor Swift.


The world takes Trump’s Nato comments literally, while Maga takes them seriously

In 2012, Romney, then the Republican presidential nominee, famously called Russia “without question, our number one geopolitical foe.” Democrats dismissed him as daft in a world with al-Qaeda and China on the rise. Barack Obama chided him and said “the 1980s are now calling to ask for their foreign policy back, because the Cold War’s been over for 20 years.”

Russia’s annexation of Crimea, its meddling in the 2016 presidential election and its full-scale invasion of Ukraine in 2022 vindicated Romney and showed the threat of President Vladimir Putin. But by that point, the GOP had moved on from the Reagan-Bush-Romney worldview and embraced another businessman-turned-politician in Donald Trump.

This weekend, when he held a rally in South Carolina, Trump all but goaded Putin into invading European countries when he recalled that he told a head of state of a Nato country talking about Russia during his presidency that if the country did not pay its obligations “I would not protect you. In fact, I would encourage them to do whatever the hell they want.”

Eric Garcia13 February 2024 07:00


VIDEO: ‘Reckless comments undermining the credibility of allied countries’: Global leaders slam Trump’s NATO comment

‘Reckless comments undermining the credibility of allied countries’: Global leaders slam Trump’s NATO comment

Gustaf Kilander13 February 2024 06:00


Trump’s ‘outrageous’ Nato comments make allies ‘wonder whether they can rely on America’, warns Romney

Mr Romney, now a Utah Senator after being the 2012 Republican presidential nominee and serving as the governor of Massachusetts, told The Independent on Monday: “He says outrageous things to get people riled up. It works at the rallies. Unfortunately, it also has an impact around the world where our friends wonder whether they can rely on America.”

This comes after reports regarding Mr Trump telling top European Union officials that the US would never help Europe if it was attacked.

Thierry Breton, a French EU commissioner, said during a roundtable discussion in Brussels early last month that Mr Trump made the comments in January 2020 when speaking to the president of the commission, Ursula Von Der Leyen, a former German defence minister.

“You need to understand that if Europe is under attack, we will never come to help you and to support you,” Mr Trump said, according to Mr Breton. “By the way, NATO is dead, and we will leave, we will quit NATO.”

“And by the way, you owe me $400bn, because you didn’t pay, you Germans, what you had to pay for defence,” Mr Trump added at the time, Mr Breton said.

Eric Garcia, Gustaf Kilander13 February 2024 05:00


VIDEO: After Trump’s talk of ‘unpaid bills’, how is NATO really funded?

After Trump’s talk of ‘unpaid bills’, how is NATO really funded?

Gustaf Kilander13 February 2024 04:30


Latest Republican impeachment witnesses fail to link Biden to family’s businesses

A series of witnesses in the House Republican impeachment probe into President Joe Biden told investigators they were unaware of any evidence of wrongdoing on the part of the president and said they did not know of any evidence that Mr Biden had any involvement in his family’s overseas or domestic business ventures, according to a Democratic staff memorandum obtained by The Independent.

The memorandum, which was prepared by staff on the House Oversight and Judiciary committees, said the series of seven witness interviews conducted over the last two months turned up nothing in the way of derogatory evidence in the long-running probe, which Republicans opened shortly after taking control of the House last year.

Although prominent members of the GOP such as Oversight Committee chairman James Comer have intimated that their investigation has uncovered evidence of criminality by Mr Biden and members of his family, the memorandum flatly states that each of the seven witnesses said “they were not aware of any evidence of any wrongdoing by President Biden or of President Biden being involved in, profiting from, or taking official actions in relation to family members’ business ventures”.

“Further, not one of these witnesses indicated they ever had any expectation of receiving or ever did receive any political favors from President Biden or his Administration,” it continued.

“Far from yielding any evidence of misconduct by President Biden, these efforts have served only to add to the mountain of evidence rebutting the Chairmen’s false claims about the President and proving that their so-called ‘impeachment inquiry’ rests on nothing but distorted and cherry-picked facts and long debunked conspiracy theories.”

Andrew Feinberg13 February 2024 04:00


Robert F Kennedy apologises to his family after ‘JFK’ Super Bowl ad

The attorney and Covid-19 conspiracy theorist claimed he had not been consulted on the advert, though it remained pinned to the top of his profile on X/Twitter on Monday.

The 30-second clip that appeared on Sunday, during one of the biggest night’s in the US sporting calendar, appeared to closely resemble a commercial put out by his late uncle, former president John F Kennedy, during his own 1960 presidential campaign.

Mr Kennedy’s apology came in response to a post by Bobby Shriver, former mayor of Santa Monica and also a nephew of JFK, who called out the presidential hopeful on his “deadly health care views”.

“My cousin’s Super Bowl ad used our uncle’s faces – and my Mother’s,” Mr Shriver wrote on X.

“She would be appalled by his deadly health care views. Respect for science, vaccines, & health care equity were in her DNA. She strongly supported my health care work at @ONECampaign & @RED which he opposes.”

Mike Bedigan13 February 2024 03:30


Biden trusted less on economy than Trump

The incumbent president is trusted less than his likely 2024 opponent on the issues of the economy generally and inflation specifically; that’s despite his party’s passage of the Inflation Reduction Act and some consumer prices beginning to drop. Democrats are losing on the issue because some of the most noticeable expenses for Americans — food, housing, and energy — remain stubbornly high. The Biden administration’s crowing about wage increases and low unemployment have not convinced Americans that the economy is in a good place, not while homelessness is at its highest-ever-recorded level in the United States and affording basic essentials remains difficult.

A glimmer of hope for Mr Biden in the poll could be found, however. A clear majority of Americans — 66 per cent — oppose the idea of Donald Trump having immunity from prosecution for crimes allegedly committed during his presidency, a result that suggests voters remain open-minded about the potential verdicts in his four criminal prosecutions.

John Bowden13 February 2024 03:00


Biden campaign shares clip of CNN host noting Trump’s ‘complete incoherent rambling’

Gustaf Kilander13 February 2024 02:30


Voters appear to have little understanding of the politics playing out on Capitol Hill

It seems as if voters have little understanding of the politics playing out on Capitol Hill surrounding border security as well as funding for Ukraine and Israel. Mr Biden’s own unpopularity and other issues are weighing down the president’s trust numbers on those two conflicts as well; he now trails Mr Trump on both issues.

It’s not to say Democrats do not have the ammunition they need. Chaos continues to flourish in the House of Representatives, where the GOP tried and failed to impeach Mr Biden’s secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, last week. Then there’s Mr Trump’s very public attempts to kill the Senate’s immigration talks — and his stunning declaration this weekend that he would violate Article 5 of the Nato contract if a member-state which not sufficiently contributing to regional defence was attacked by Russia. The strongest attacks on that latter issue in the past day have come from Nikki Haley, while Democrats fume at the media over coverage of a special counsel’s investigative report which accused the president of suffering from memory issues.

John Bowden13 February 2024 02:00


Former Clinton Labor Secretary calls Trump ‘dangerous stooge for Putin’

Gustaf Kilander13 February 2024 01:30

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