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Top brass launch major inquiry to find culprit who put up joke sign in a police station’s toilets

A MAJOR inquiry has been launched to flush out the culprit who put up a joke poster in a police station loo.

Top brass failed to see the funny side, sealed off the toilet and called in the Met’s Directorate of Professional Standards.


Two pranksters sparked an inquiry after sticking up a poster in a police station toilets poking fun at a unit specialising in domestic violence and hate crimes

They were even said to have held a command group meeting — normally reserved for major incidents — to discuss it.

Retired Met detective chief inspector Mick Neville said: “Officers used to be able to have gallows humour, now they’re in trouble for it.

“A word from a sergeant is the way to deal with this.’’

The poster in the gents’ at Bethnal Green police station, in East London, poked fun at the community safety unit, which deals with domestic violence and hate crimes.

Under the heading Fancy a New Challenge? — and featuring a cartoon of a donkey — it invited applicants to join if they wanted to work long hours and see their careers stall.

It added: “With us you can learn how to NFA (take no further action against a suspect) with your eyes closed.”

But a source said: “The management did not see the funny side of it at all and all hell broke loose.”

The Met Police said: ‘’We are aware of a poster that was placed in the non-public area of a police building in east London.

‘’The poster has been removed. Enquiries are ongoing.

‘’The Directorate of Professional Standards has been notified.’’

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