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Tice gives his verdict on Nigel Farage’s I’m A Celeb adventure

Speaking to GB News Community Editor Michael Heaver in Westminster, Richard Tice was asked what he he had made of the Nigel Farage’s appearance on I’m A Celebrity so far.

Richard quipped that: “It’s been very revealing, hasn’t it? In many ways.

Richard continued by saying: “I think that Nigel, I think he’s enjoying it.

“I suspect there’s certain irritable moments and I suspect he might be quite hungry actually, and probably desperately missing a pint of beer and a glass of claret.

“But nevertheless, he’s had some very interesting discussions with some of the other contestants.

“Some have been genial, some have been fairly feisty, spicy, fiery and political.

“But of course that’s what he loves. We’re seeing sort of everybody in their true colours, really. Overall, I think he’s doing well.”

Asked what his biggest fear in the jungle would be, Richard admitted: “For me it would be the heights. I think everything else – with regret – I could just about do, just about swallow.

“I’m not great with snakes either, but I thought the way that Nigel put his head into that sort of van with those snakes in them.

“And of course I remembered that he’s had a lot of practice at putting his head into a building, of literally a building, of snakes and vipers and rats. It’s called the European Parliament.”

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