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Thanksgiving dinner: Jennifer Garner, Reese Witherspoon and more share what they eat

People across the United States will enjoy Thanksgiving today and some huge celebrities have given a glimpse into their plans.

Jennifer Lopez, Reese Witherspoon and more have shared what they like to eat around the table.

Traditional Thanksgiving food including turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce and gravy, often followed up with pumpkin pie.

Big names share foods and drinks they enjoy over the festive period, including some less traditional offerings.

Jennifer Lopez shared a cocktail recipe


Reese Witherspoon shared a video where she called her mum to ask what she needed for a Thanksgiving dinner for 15 guests.

In the lighthearted video her mum responded she needed four pies, 10 to 15lb of turkey and asked Reese to ditch the salad.

Jennifer Lopez shared a clip of her making a Berry punch using her alcoholic cocktail brand Delola.

Jennifer Garner also gave a glimpse into her festivities.

She posted a video on social media as she shared a recipe for cookies that she likes to make over the holiday period.

Other famous faces shared snaps from their gatherings with family and friends.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas was seen at a gathering with celebrities including Kelly Ripa.

A post shared on Instagram said: “Now that was a good night!

Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon shared a light-hearted video with her mum

“Thank you @anjula_acharia and @furhan_ahmad for the dazzling time. Welcome back @priyankachopra.”

While everyone has different traditions, around nine out of 10 Americans eat turkey on Thanksgiving, research shows.

Why do people eat turkey at Thanksgiving?

The tradition could be linked to Europe, according to Professor Ken Albala.

“In the 16th and 17th centuries, the sensibility was that very large dark meat animals were difficult to digest, were not very elegant and they were things peasants ate,” he told CBS News.

“If you look at elegant tables for that entire century, there’s things like peacocks and capons and chickens and very light meat,” he said.

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