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Police forced to issue warning over market-bought chocolate after several people fall ill

Police have issued a warning to shoppers who have purchased chocolate from a market stall.

The force received reports of people feeling unwell after eaten the sweet treat.

The golden-wrapped chocolate was purchased on November 25 from a market stall in Nottinghamshire.

Shoppers who bought the chocolate over the weekend from Mansfield Market have been told not to eat the confectionery.

WATCH NOW: Nottinghamshire police arrest man who stole off of pensioner

Instead, they have been advised to call the police immediately by calling 101.

Nottinghamshire Police said that “if you have consumed any already and are feeling unwell, please contact NHS 111 by phoning 111, or attend your GP, or your local Emergency Department”.

Detective Inspector Luke Todd, of Nottinghamshire Police, said: “We are aware of reports circulating online of people unknowingly purchasing chocolate laced with drugs from the Mansfield area over the weekend.

“At this stage, there is no evidence to support these rumours.

“An investigation is currently ongoing to establish the circumstances behind people feeling unwell after consuming this chocolate.


The chocolate was sold from a stall at Mansfield Market


“This incident has been referred to the Food Standards Agency, who will provide a further update in due course.

“Please rest assured that we take all incidents of public safety extremely seriously and will always investigate any reports we receive of this nature.

“Anyone who has any information relating to this incident is asked to call the police on 101, quoting incident 180 of 26 November 2023, or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.”

Earlier this month, a street robber was filmed laughing after stealing £1,100 from a disabled pensioner in Nottinghamshire.

Andrew Merritt, 34, from Cheapside in Worksop, asked the 88-year-old if he could spare some change.

The pensioner, who was using a mobility scooter, took out his wallet and handed over £3.10.

CCTV footage showed Merritt hugging the man before snatching his wallet and walking away.

Two British Police Officers

Nottinghamshire Police said they would publish further guidance shortly


Merritt grinned as the pensioner pleaded for his wallet back.

He then counted a large wad of £20 banknotes and kept the cash as he dumped the wallet.

Nottingham Crown Court heard Merritt stole £1,100 in the incident on Potter Street in Worksop on August 1.

Police launched an investigation and arrested the thief six days later after looking over CCTV footage.

Merritt denied stealing the cash and insisted the pensioner agreed to purchase a bike from him.

The 34-year-old initially pleaded not guilty but confessed to the offence on October 6.

Merritt was sentenced on November 8 to four years behind bars.

He was given a Criminal Behaviour Order which banned him from Workshop town centre for another four years.

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