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Pentagon’s AARO releases sightings map as world needs to ‘recognise the truth’

Details on UFO sightings, made public by the Pentagon, have showed the variety in sightings from both members of the public as well as military personnel.

GB News’ Patrick Christys recently spoke with former head of the British government’s UFO project Nick Pope to get his insight on the potential for contact with alien life.

During his conversation, Patrick asked: “Is there any insinuation to when you were working at, at the MOD or from what you’ve managed to glean out of Congress at the moment as to where or why some of these sightings are taking place?

“Some people make reference to them above volcanoes. Some people make reference to them above nuclear sites, and some people say that there’s some kind of military element to it. They’re fascinated by that aspect.

Former head of the British government’s UFO project Nick Pope discussed UFO sightings with Patrick Christys

GB News

“There are also as well quite a lot of claims from South America as well Latin America, especially when it comes to the kind of ancient alien astronaut theory. Is there any pattern at all for you, or rhyme or reason as to where they might be focusing on Earth?”

Pope replied: “The Pentagon’s AARO unit – which stands for All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office. A bit of a mouthful, but it’s kind of coded speak for UFOs – they’ve published a map on their their public facing website which lists some hotspots.

“I think we still don’t quite have enough data. Interesting you mentioned South America. I think one of the big problems is that we have at present too much of a US and UK centric focus on this.

“We’re not putting the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle together and we’re just not recognising the truth, which is that as you say, this is a global phenomenon and we need to to join the dots more I think to figure this out.


A map provided by AARO (All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office) shows UFO sighting hotspots


“But the nuclear connection is interesting and concerning and again, Congress is investigating that as we speak.”

The report from AARO sheds some light on multiple aspects of UFO (sometimes referred to as UAPs) sightings, including their most common locations and their physical appearance.

According to the data, the most common locations for UFO sightings in the US are on the West coast, in and around California, as well as in the South-East around Florida, Georgia and other neighbouring states.

Meanwhile in the rest of the world, the most common reported sightings were in the Middle East, as well as in Eastern China and Japan.

AARO shared details on the altitudes at which UFO sightings took place


Similarly, the report gives details on what witnesses saw. Typically these unexplained objects were around 1-4 metres in length and round in shape.

Reports varied with claims that UFOs shaped as ovals, cylinders, discs and even tic-tacs had all been sighted.

Most reports had the objects as translucent, white or silver in colour, with their speed anywhere from stationary up to Mach 2.

Finally, the objects’ altitudes varied wildly, with sightings as high as 60,000ft and as low as 5,000ft, though the most common altitude at which sightings occurred was near 20,000ft, around half to two thirds the height of a standard commercial aircraft.

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