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Patrick O’Flynn condemns Tories serving up ‘progressive mush’ ​

Speaking to GB News Community Editor Michael Heaver in Westminster, Patrick O’Flynn skewered the state of the Conservative Party: “The core of the problem is that there’s a group of between 100, I would say, and 150 Conservative MPs who are pretty much more Lib Demy.

“They would probably agree with Keir Starmer about 90% of issues.

“And and if you’re a staunch Conservative who really wants to stop the boats, who really wants to throw out illegal immigrants, to throw out immigrants who’ve committed crime and been sent to prison or a danger indeed to our national security, Rishi Sunak is never going to deliver that.

“Because Rishi Sunak is not going to stop these 100 to 150 Tory sitting MPs standing again at the next election.

“What’s the very best someone with staunch conservative views could hope the Tories might do it the next election? Maybe they might scrape a majority of 10 in some amazing, you know, upturn.”


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