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Parking row between neighbours backfires spectacularly after angry biker leaves passive-aggressive note

A bitter row has erupted between two neighbours after one left an angry note on the other’s car.

The owner of the car took to Reddit to express their frustrations at the situation.

Posting on the online forum, the owner said that she has been paying $150 (£120) per month to have access to the space.

Yet she was dismayed to discover a note wedged into her driver’s side door, demanding that she find somewhere else to park.

In response, the car owner responded by attaching a copy of their parking permit to the original note and then sticking it to her bike


The passive-aggressive note read: “FYI, these spots cost you $150 a month, and this is my motorcycle. I hate to be a b***h, but …”

In response, the car owner responded by attaching a copy of their parking permit to the original note and then sticking it to her bike.

The woman said she had already informed management at her building.

She slammed the motorist for not contacting the leasing office – which she states has all the information regarding who owns which space – before leaving the passive-aggressive note.


The poster said that her neighbour had parked her motorcycle “in the aisle between the line of parking spots that face each other, parallel”.

“Which even if the lot is 100 per cent full she could still drive straight out or reverse straight out of the parking line,” the poster continued.

“So, she was mad I parked in a parking spot at all I guess? The one she normally parks in front of?”

The woman said: “She ended up screwing herself. Here’s how: Leasing had a phone conversation and formal in-office meeting with the motorcycle lady, obviously I’m not privy to those details.

“One commenter pointed out that since her motorcycle is parked illegally, if it falls over it would damage the parked cars.


The furious motorist took to Reddit to complain


“I brought this up, and the fact that I really didn’t want to park near her anymore, so they moved my spot. They also disclosed that they told her to park in the designated motorcycle area, but they can’t guarantee that she will.”

The Redditor said the whole ordeal has completely backfired on the motorist.

She said that motorcycles do not currently have to pay to use the parking lot, however due to the dispute, management is looking into it.

The poster claims that motorcyclists are likely to be charged $150 (£120) now for a space, the same fare as cars.

“She pretty much screwed over all the other people who park their bikes for free. Oops,” the car owner concluded.

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