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Parents slammed as ‘disrespectful’ after uncorking bottle of wine at children’s play venue

A play place has taken to social media to call out parents who have uncorked a bottle of wine while their children played.

In a now deleted post, Tumbles Play Place posted the picture of a bottle of Merlot red wine and a mixer on its Facebook page.

The play place in Mossley, near Oldham, said they will be checking CCTV footage to catch the culprit.

They claimed the bottles were left in the toilets during the daytime sessions.

Tumbles claimed the bottles were left in the toilets during the daytime sessions.

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Management wrote in the now-deleted post: “If you are so desperate for an alcoholic drink in the daytime, please don’t do it in our children’s play centre and leave your bottles on the toilets.

“We will be checking our CCTV and you will be banned from visiting again.”

After highlighting the problem, management said in a follow-up that their insurance does not cover alcohol consumption on the premises.

They also confirmed there was no CCTV in the toilets themselves.


Merlot wine bottle and a tonic water

The play place made the post on social media


A spokesperson from the play centre said: “Tumbles first and foremost priority is the safety of our customers.

“Leaving glass bottles in areas such as the toilets, where children could potentially have unsupervised access to them is a safety issue.

“The post was purely to bring to everyone’s attention that bringing alcohol, and leaving the empty glass bottles in the toilets at Tumbles is irresponsible and completely unacceptable.

“Tumbles would NEVER publish the identity of anyone found to be consuming alcohol in the venue as this would be a privacy issue.”

The play centre said that while other play places may have licences to sell alcohol on their premises, Tumbles does not.

They said “any potential claims due to injury as a result of alcohol use would be void”.

A spokesperson said: “As a business, we are obliged to have rules in place to ensure the safety of our visitors and staff and we will continue to enforce these.

“We would be extremely grateful if all visitors could adhere to the rules to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all.”

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