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Oxford revolts over ‘havoc’ caused by eco-road measures as new bid launched to reverse policies

Eco-measures forced upon Britons in Oxford has led to a political rebellion, with a new breakaway party forming to challenge the consensus.

The Independent Oxford Alliance (IOA) was launched last week after growing frustration that councillors from the more traditional political parties were ignoring residents’ concerns.

Oxford has seen the roll out of low-traffic neighbourhoods across the city, which has been blamed by some for gridlock on the roads.

Dr Anne Gwinnett, the chairwoman of the newly registered party, said that at next year’s elections independent candidates would stand together to promote policies wanted by local people rather than taking orders from party head offices in London.

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“We’ve come to the conclusion that the only way we can change things given that the councils are not listening to residents is to actually change things from within,” she said.

“The continued rollout of low-traffic neighbourhoods is a symptom of the bigger disease which is affecting Oxfordshire’s public health and wellbeing.

“There is a lot of evidence that low-traffic neighbourhoods are causing havoc but the council is carrying on regardless.

“But, we are not an anti-low-traffic neighbourhoods party.

Drivers can be fined £130 for breaching LTN rules PA

“We are a pro-democracy party which wants the people’s voice to be heard.”

The low-traffic neighbourhoods were first introduced to Oxfords in May 2022 and were blamed for increased congestion on roads and ambulance response times dropping.

Bus service providers have also expressed frustration at the impact the zones had in making public transport “exasperatingly” slow.

The measures were initially implemented as part of an 18-month trial, but last year three zones were made permanent.

A further three confirmed last month despite outrage from locals.

Announcing the formation of IOA, the party said in a statement: “The last straw for many residents has been the disastrous local transport policies imposed on Oxford and the rigged consultations to justify them.

“IOA believes it is wrong for councils to deliberately cause congestion with LTNs and effectively tax all but the wealthy out of their cars with emission zones and parking charges.

“IOA councillors will challenge and undo these policies.

“They will listen to what local residents and businesses believe needs to be done to improve the city’s transport system for all.”

It continued: “IOA candidates will take seriously the need to work with community groups and businesses rather than talk over them on all issues.”

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