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Now two Labour MPs call for public to vote Farage OUT of jungle

Two Labour MPs are urging the public to vote Nigel Farage out of the jungle in the latest attempt to cancel the GB News presenter.

Nadia Whittome and Kim Johnson have called for the former Ukip leader to be “kicked out” of the jungle as his allies claim many are “deliberately” trying to stop him winning I’m A Celebrity.

As voting for evictions on the show are set to open, the two Labour MPs have launched their cancel campaign.

“ITV should never have given him a platform to launder his ­reputation and I would urge anyone considering voting to keep him on to think twice,” Whittome told the Mirror.

She added: “Farage is not some affable clown but a poisonous influence on our society.”

Johnson added: “People should remember where Farage came from, what he’s said and what he’s been responsible for.”

The campaign has received backlash from Farage supporters who have been left “outraged”.

One social media user said: “Before #ImACeleb started I said oh no not #nigelfarage Having watched every episode I can see a different side to him.

“Putting his politics aside I haven‘t seen him do anything in the jungle which warrants the shouts from the public of get him out.”

Another said: “I’ll vote for who I want and if that’s Nigel, so be it.”

A third added: “I can’t wait to see Ant and Dec’s face when they have to announce Nigel is the winner.. tonight Nigel probably got hardly any votes BUT they put him second to play mind games.”

More to follow…

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