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‘Not that we told the public!’ Ex-UFO chief at MoD reveals TRUTH on UFO cover ups

An expert in alien sightings, who spent 21 years at the Ministry of Defence looking into potential sightings, has shed light on the potential for alien life to contact earth.

Patrick Christys spoke with former head of the British government’s UFO project, and leading expert on the unexplained, Nick Pope to discuss whether we can expect to be greeting extra-terrestrial life anytime soon.

Nick Pope shed light on the potential for human contact with formerly unobserved alien life

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“Our job was basically to assess those sightings to see whether there were any potential threats to the defence of the UK or anything of more general national security defence or scientific interest.”

UFOs (unidentified flying objects) are a common focus of conspiracy theorists across the world, though they are now instead commonly known instead as UAPs (unidentified aerial phenomena).

This name change began to reach prominence in 2020 when the Pentagon established the Navy-led “UAP Task Force”.

Though many have laughed at so-called ‘sightings’ of alien life, in recent months the world’s attention has instead turned from online sleuths to unexplainable phenomenon presented by officials in high places.


Nick Pope and alien

Pope said aliens ‘should be viewed as a potential threat’

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“OK,” said Patrick. “And well, I’ve got to ask, was there anything that was deemed to be a threat to the UK or of particular scientific interest? And you know, was any of this stuff covered up?”

“Not that we told the public,” replied Pope, with a smile.

“But, you know, there were divided opinions on it, to be honest. Some people said no, it’s all just misidentifications, hoaxes, delusions, sensor errors, that sort of thing.

“But some of us felt that, look, if we’ve got a situation where our own pilots are seeing structured craft that display speeds, manoeuvres and accelerations that seem to go beyond the cutting edge of anything we have, that at the very least should be viewed as a potential threat until we nail down what we’re dealing with. And that’s kind of where we are now, I think.”

An image of a supposed UFOAn image of a supposed UFOGBN

The new revelations from Pope come just months after US congressional hearings were held in the US to discuss the possibility that humanity has already had interaction with alien life.

In July of this year, members of congress heard testimony from ex-intelligence officer David Grusch and two pilots who claim to have experience with UAPs.

Grusch said he had learned of “a multi-decade UAP crash retrieval and reverse-engineering program” whilst working at the Pentagon, though a spokeswoman said there was no evidence of such a program.

Similarly, the two pilots, David Fravor and Ryan Graves spoke about their interactions with unidentified objects while flying, saying cases were “not rare or isolated”.

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