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‘Not fair on Falklanders!’ Lee Anderson says ‘send illegal migrants to Orkneys’ as Falklands mooted as back-up for Rwanda

Lee Anderson has hit out at a suggestion Britain’s illegal migrants should be sent to the Falkland Islands as a replacement for Rwanda.

Home Office proposals to deport asylum seekers to the Falkland Islands as a back-up to the Rwanda policy has touted as a potential plan, according to reports.

But Rishi Sunak rejected the plan despite the department conducting “extensive work” to analyse the viability of using the British overseas territory as part of contingency planning.

Using the Falklands, which are some 8,000 miles from Britain in the South Atlantic, was also considered alongside the Rwanda policy.

Lee Anderson has given his view on Falklands plan

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However Tory MP Lee Anderson slammed the plans saying: “I don’t think it’s fair on the Falkland Islands to be honest. They don’t want these illegal migrants going there.”

Speaking on Patrick Christys Tonight, he outlined the idea of sending migrants to the low populated Orkney Islands.

He said: “There’s a better option we can keep them on British soil if you like we’ve got the Orkney Islands or some remote Scottish island.

“I know it’s a bit parky up there this time of year but if people are genuinely escaping war or persecution then a nice Scottish island with a few outbuildings there would be suitable.”

Questioned by Patrick on the plan, the presenter asked: “You don’t think the human rights brigade would climb all over that?”

The Conservative deputy chairman replied: “It’s nonsense. This is a beautiful country it’s a go-to destination part of Scotland. I’d like to afford to own a place up their Patrick.

“If we can get accommodation and keep these people safe. Put them on a nice safe island – job done.”

Patrick asked: “Is if fair on the people of the Falkland Islands or the Orkneys?”

The MP said: “If we can find an island in the Orkneys or up in Scotland that have no people on there to start off with decent accommodation it’s job done.

“I think with the Falkland islands, it’s a bit far to go and it’s not fair on the Falklands as they have their own problems at the moment with sovereignty with Argentina.

“If people are genuinely escaping violence or persecution then a nice remote island in the north of Scotland is perfect.”

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