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‘More they throw at Nigel Farage, more popular he’ll become’ predicts Martin Daubney

Speaking today in the GB Newsroom, Martin Daubney remarked: “Well, quelle surprise. The Remainers have voted for Nigel to take the first Bushtucker challenge.

“My prediction is he’ll rack up all those things than Matt Hancock. And there’s another prediction. He’ll attack it with gusto tonight.”

Martin went on to predict of Nigel in the jungle that: “He’ll scoff at his critics and he’ll wash it down with Remainer tears!

“Because Nigel loves to wind people up and the more they throw at him, the more popular he’ll get.

“They’re talking about boycotting the show. They won’t boycott the show. They’re going to keep voting for him to lose. And all the people out there Ant and Dec, mocking GB News. The Keiths and the Lindas.

“Well, I’m telling you this, the Keiths and the Lindas are going to turn out and vote Farage. We’re all Keith and Linda today.”

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