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‘Lockdowns were completely incorrect!’ Furious row breaks out on Britain’s Newsroom as covid lockdown blasted

A fiery clash has broken out over whether the UK was right to enter a full-on lockdown as a result of Coronavirus.

The conversation, spurred by the current Covid inquiry looking into the Government’s response to the pandemic, took place on GB News show Britain’s Newsroom, with Beverley Turner and Andrew Pierce.

Political commentator and author Tonia Buxton opened the conversation: “I shake when we start discussing the COVID inquiry. I mean when I speak to people who still think that lockdowns did anything apart from harm, it blows my mind. It shows you that really intelligent people have become mind-numbingly stupid just to hold on to their politics and their ideas.”

“I was just watching a clip of Patrick Vallance on the BBC ten days before we locked down, talking about the fact that this is a virus, we just need to protect those that are elderly. We need to, you know get herd immunity in the young and just look after the old and off we go. Ten days later it was an about turn. What was that about?!”

Dominic Cummings appears before the Covid inquiryGBN

Andrew gave his theory, saying “Because of what was happening in other countries, don’t you think that’s what it was? Because Italy was locking down, other countries, so they panicked.”

The conversation moved to GB News’ senior political commentator, Nigel Nelson, who said “the only interventions we had at that time were lockdown, social distancing and masks. Masks obviously, arguable where they did any good at all.

“We didn’t know how serious it might be. Number 10 were doing things like working out where to put mass graves. They were thinking about if they could hire ice rinks as morgues, because nobody actually knew what we were facing.”

Bev expressed her dissatisfaction with the proceedings of the Covid inquiry, saying “what is so frustrating is that they aren’t even discussing whether lockdown should ever have happened in the first place!”


Beverley Turner and Tonia Buxton

GB News’ Beverley Turner (left) and Tonia Buxton (right) seemed to agree that the lockdowns should not have gone ahead

GB News

Buxton chimed back in, saying: “The real thing is, lockdowns were completely incorrect. They’re not the way to deal with this particular virus which didn’t hurt the young. So you don’t lock down healthy people.

“You care for people that have a virus and you guard them, but you don’t lock them inside their homes, healthy people that this is not going to harm.”

Nigel continued, “If the question is over lockdown, there was nothing else in our armoury at the time to actually deal with it. Lockdowns have been going on since the Black Death 700 years ago.”

Bev hit back: “During the Black Death?! Are we seriously saying that our health strategy should be based on something from medieval England?”

Covid vaccinationsAn expert said another lockdown is unlikely PA

Nigel came back: “I think that the reason the nation actually went along with the restrictions imposed on us is they did appear to make sense…”

Buxton interrupted, “No, it’s because they were frightened witness by the psych-ops that were done upon us.”

Buxton put forward an example to back up her point: “People that don’t have peanut allergies do not die of peanuts. So the whole point is that there were certain people, a small group of people, the very elderly, the morbidly obese. This is these are the people that we had to protect and needs to be protected from COVID.

“But the rest of the population did not need to worry. We’re not going to get rid of peanut butter because there’s a few people who can’t eat peanut butter because they’re going to die from it. That’s the point!”

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