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King Charles issues ‘call to arms’ during Cop28 opening statement

King Charles has issued a “call to arms” to protect the environment in his Cop28 climate summit opening statement.

Addressing the summit, the King spoke about he has spent much of his life trying to alert others to the dangers from global warming.

He addressed summit attendees in Dubai, saying that dangers of climate change “are no longer distant risks”.

The King mentions commonwealth communities that are currently “unable to withstand repeated shocks”.

He says that natural disaster events have battered vulnerable island nations and many parts of India, Bangladesh and Pakistan are experiencing unprecedented floods.

King Charles says he has “tried to say on many occasions” to help repair and restore nature’s “unique economy”, which he says is vital to our “survivability”.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said it was a “proud moment” for him to witness the King deliver his speech on Friday, which “speaks volumes about our type of leadership as a country”.

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