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Just Stop Oil furious as police arrest protesters after ’30 seconds of marching’ as Met officers get tough

Protesters have been arrested just thirty seconds into a disruptive slow march at Whitehall, police have confirmed.

Just Stop Oil protesters took to the street shortly after 12pm on the second day of a planned week of demonstrations.

WATCH HERE: Just Stop Oil supporters march from Trafalgar Square to Whitehall

“You are more than welcome to carry on your protest on Trafalgar Square,” an officer can be heard saying in footage of the event just prior to the arrests.

He continued: “Again, step on the road and you could face arrest under Section Seven of the Public Order Act.”

Uniformed officers are then seen stepping in, moving the protesters off the road and then arresting them.

One demonstrator can be heard saying: “We are heading for a hellish future unless we do something dramatic.”


Just Stop Oil protesters started in Trafalgar Square before venturing onto the road and being arrested


In a social media post, JSO added: “March for 30 seconds and face a year in prison. This is democracy in 2023.

“They can’t arrest their way out of societal breakdown.”

The group plans to continue protesting every day of this week at Trafalgar Square.

In a social media thread, Met Police said: “A Just Stop Oil protest march is ongoing at the top of Whitehall.

Police arrest JSO protesters

Police arrest JSO protesters on Whitehall


“Officers are on the scene and have started making arrests.

“Activists began slow marching in the road and were cleared within two minutes.

“Nine arrests have been made.

“Officers have taken people into custody and traffic is now moving freely along Whitehall.

“Arrests were made under Section 7 of the Public Order Act.”

The arrests were made just a day after JSO members slow marched and were arrested in the same location.

Police said 15 people were arrested on Monday under Section 7 of the Public Order Act and the area was cleared in just five minutes.

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