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Joe Biden’s China policy branded ‘delusional’ as he’s told weakness endangers Americans

President Biden’s China policy has been condemned as “delusional” and the only way to ensure China co-operates is by reducing reliance on the country, a Republican congresswoman has said.

Michelle Steel said Xi Jinping’s “evil regime” cannot be reasoned with and Biden’s weakness endangers Americans.

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However, the US president didn’t press China for reassurance on the safety and security of Taiwan or the 200 Americans illegally being held prisoner.

“Xi got exactly what he wanted from this visit – pictures of San Francisco streets drenched in red and a warm, public greeting from Biden,” Steel wrote in an Op-Ed for Fox News.

“What did we get in return? Pandas restored to US zoos seems to be the only deliverable.

“We certainly did not receive any reassurance on the safety and security of Taiwan. In fact, per officials in the room, Xi made clear that he fully intends to reunify Taiwan to China, by force if necessary.”


She added that “no one wants a war with China” but the US must “reduce its reliance” to ensure Jinping co-operates.

“The only way to ensure the CCP’s cooperation is for Biden to stop standing in the way of the US reducing our reliance on China by bringing back domestic mining and manufacturing,” she said.

“If the pandemic taught us anything, it’s that China can turn off the tap at any moment.

“Those of us who have experienced communism firsthand or through our parents understand the true, imminent danger of weakness when dealing with China.

Michelle Steel said Xi Jinping’s ‘evil regime’ cannot be reasoned with and Biden’s weakness endangers Americans


“My constituents know that Xi’s evil regime cannot be reasoned with. He will never be satisfied until the CCP is the only global hegemony.”

Fears have been mounting that China will launch an invasion of Taiwan, especially as Beijing is increasingly expanding and modernising its military.

Steel said: “Biden may have missed a crucial opportunity in San Francisco, but it’s not too late to reverse course and end this policy of delusional placation.”

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