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Joe Biden right to label Xi Jinping ‘dictator’ but should call China ‘enemy’ to avoid putting US as ‘grave risk’

Joe Biden was right to label Xi Jinping a “dictator” but should call China America’s “enemy”, a foreign policy expert has claimed.

Biden, 81, met with the Chinese President in San Francisco last week as Xi went on the offensive to court American corporate interests.

The 46th US President raised eyebrows, including with his Secretary of State Antony Blinken, by calling Xi a “dictator”.

Footage from the meeting showed Blinken looking uncomfortable as Biden fielded questions from journalists about his meeting with Xi.

WATCH HERE: Blinken nervous as Biden calls Xi ‘dictator’

Foreign policy hawk Gordon Chang suggested Blinken was wrong for wincing at his boss’ comments, adding Biden should have gone even further in his condemnation of China.

Chang, who claimed Xi visit was more commercial than diplomatic, told GB News: “Blinken’s got this wrong. He’s shown the Chinese that he’s afraid of their reaction, that he’s afraid of them.

“And I think that makes Beijing even more hostile and belligerent. I think it was good for President Biden to call Xi Jinping a dictator because Xi Jinping actually is a dictator.

“He demands that the Chinese people show absolute obedience to the Communist Party and that the Communist Party show absolute obedience to him. Well, that’s the classic dictator situation.

“I mean, the definition of a dictator is a person who has virtually total control over a political system in a country.”


Secretary of State Antony Blinken speaks to members of the media before leaving CairoREUTERS

Chang also argued the meeting demonstrated little significant improvement to Sino-American relations.

“President Biden in his press conference touted the progress that was made during the four hours of meetings,” he said.

“But we should remember two things. First of all, there was no joint statement.

“And second of all, Xi Jinping wasn’t standing next to him when Biden was making those statements.

“We have seen this before where an American President said, ‘Oh yeah, things are going great’, but the Chinese weren’t there to actually confirm that.”

Gordon Chang
Gordon ChangGBN

Biden’s White House predecessor Donald Trump took a hardline stance on China during his years as Commander-in-Chief.

The 45th President imposed tariffs on $50billion worth of Chinese goods and received criticism for labelling the COVID-19 the “China virus”.

However, with opinion polls suggesting Trump could return to the White House next November, Chang highlighted how the property-tycoon-turned-politician could re-adopt an anti-Beijing position.

He said: “President Trump during his four years, broke five decades of engagement theory with China.

Donald TrumpDonald Trump is vying for a second term Truth Social/Donald Trump

“President Biden has gone back to engagement. So it would appear that there would be a tougher attitude towards Beijing in a Trump administration as opposed to a second Biden administration.

“Biden has this notion of China, which I think is at odds with reality.

“He calls them a competitor but he actually should say adversary or he should use the term that China uses for America, which is enemy.

“And unfortunately with this mismatch and perceptions, it puts the US at grave risk.”

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