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Jeremy Clarkson breaks silence on Grand Tour exit as fans plead for Hammond and May to join Clarkson’s Farm

Jeremy Clarkson has addressed the news that The Grand Tour is set to draw to a close with him at the forefront following the iconic trio’s Zimbabwe special next year.

Clarkson alongside Richard Hammond and James May wrapped up filming on their final special last month, with Clarkson sharing a sneak peek from the set on Instagram.

Sharing a snap of a sunset at Diddly Squat, Clarkson penned to his 7.2 million followers: “Been a busy day.

“No more Grand Tour after next year but a LOT more Clarkson’s Farm. Which, this evening, is looking extremely lovely.”

It didn’t take long for Clarkson’s followers to react to the post with their messages of sadness that The Grand Tour would be ending with the three at the helm – but some had a niche idea to ensure they didn’t miss Hammond, May and Clarkson in action for too long.

“Make May and Hammond work the farm, problem solved,” one followed commented, garnering hundreds of likes.

The idea was echoed by a number of other followers, including a second who weighed in: “We’ll all miss the trio so badly. You guys should do crossovers now though! Like Hammond visiting the farm and buying a egg.”

“Can James and Richard join you on a special episode of Clarkson’s farm?!?” a third queried.

Meanwhile, others shared their thoughts on the news: “Sad to see GT end but delighted to hear the show goes on for Clarkson’s Farm.”

While a fifth admitted: “You have just broken my heart Mr Clarkson. The Grand Tour kept our family going all through Covid.

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“It gave us such joy and laughter and really was a godsend. Thank you all so much for letting us ride along with you three over the years.. it has been a blast! X. Ps we love Clarksons Farm so that will help ease the pain lol.”

And a sixth shared: “I’m not blaming you all, you deserve to stop, but it’s still sad. It’s genuinely hard to imagine a future without the trio together. It has been an amazing ride all these years.” (sic)

The third season of Clarkson’s Farm will arrive on Amazon Prime Video next year and will enter production on the fourth season soon.

Meanwhile, The Grand Tour’s Mauritania special will air in early 2024 while their swansong in Zimbabwe will air later in the year.

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