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James Cleverly to negotiate Rwanda-style deals with FIVE other countries in last-ditch effort to stop the boats

James Cleverly has told Conservative MPs he is looking to negotiate Rwanda-style deals with as many as five other countries, if they can get the deal with Kigali off the ground.

He made it clear to a group of more than 20 right wing Tory MPs last night that he has not been blocking alternative third countries to use, GB News understands, saying that a successful Rwanda scheme would “unlock” four or five more countries to do a deal with.

The Home Secretary also shot down suggestions of sending migrants to the Falklands Islands, saying such a move would be “deeply unpatriotic”.

The meeting saw Cleverly express “anger” and “frustration” over the fact that Rwanda has been made the central focus of the issue, claiming there has not been enough attention paid to the success the Government has had with migration.

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He also played up his credentials as a Brexiteer.

Sources told GB News the meeting appeared to be an attempt to stop right wing MPs from briefing against him, with the Foreign Secretary suggesting his door is always open to discuss issues.

Cleverly has faced criticism for appearing to take a softer approach to the failed Rwanda scheme than Immigration Minister Robert Jenrick, who is pushing for the Government to pursue all options to get the deal over the line.

Earlier this month, the Supreme Court ruled that the plan to send migrants to Rwanda is unlawful.

All five justices unanimously agreed with the Court of Appeal’s conclusion that the Rwanda policy was unlawful.

Delivering his judgement, Lord Reed noted that “the court of appeal was right to overturn the high court’s decision and to consider the evidence again for itself”.

He cited concerns about “media and political freedom”, the country’s “poor human rights record” and a “misunderstanding of its obligations under the Refugee Convention”.

Speaking after the ruling, the Prime Minister said the Government will “carefully review” the judgement and make plans for “next steps”.

Cleverly has indicated reluctance after he urged people not to “fixate” on the plans.

Jenrick is said to be pushing a five-point plan to tackle migration


He also said that leaving the European Convention on Human Rights – a policy which has been pushed by Jenrick and former Home Secretary Suella Braverman – would undermine attempts to stop the boats.

The Government is expected to unveil plans to tackle legal migration and to get the Rwanda scheme off the ground in the coming weeks.

Jenrick is said to be pushing a five-point plan to tackle migration, which would see the salary threshold for work visas increase, along with a clampdown on the number of dependents.

His plan includes proposals that were made by Braverman before she was sacked – and supposedly ignored by Sunak.

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