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‘It’s NOT a surge! It’s a torrent!’ Richard Tice rages at record net migration forecasts ‘What’s the integration plan?’

A forecast of new numbers from the Office for National Statistics have revealed net migration figures for the UK in the year to June 2023.

The forecasts suggest that net migration has soared to 700,000.

Reform UK leader and GB News presenter Richard Tice speaking on Farage on GB News with Dr Alan Mendoza of the Henry Jackson society blasted the new forecasted figures, which are due to be released on Thursday.

Richard began: “Do you remember that manifesto back in December 2019 when the Conservative government of the day promised that immigration would come down and the numbers would reduce, particularly of low skilled immigration.

“If these forecasts that have been leaked to the Daily Mail are correct, in the year to June 2023, 700,000 net. So that’s the difference between those arriving and those leaving. That’s 1% of the population in one year. What on earth is happening?!”

Huge numbers of migrants are still coming to Britain via small boats PA

Dr Mendoza responded: “That’s gonna be the question, isn’t it? What on earth is happening? It’s interesting.”

“We’ve had a big focus, haven’t we, Richard, on illegal migration over the past few years, small boats etc., ignoring the fact that there’s a much bigger legal migration issue now.

I think there was in the past, the Ukraine case, the Hong Kong case, the Afghan case, there were cases that explained this, but those are petering out now. So what’s explaining this massive jump in numbers, if this is indeed correct.”

“We need to know whether these are temporary student things, if their work permits being issued is an attempt to get cheap labour in. Is it an attempt to bring people from different parts of the world?”


Dr Alan Mendoza and Richard Tice

Dr Alan Mendoza (left) and Richard Tice (right) discuss migration figures

GB News

The new figures come half a year after Minister of State for Immigration, Robert Jenrick, proudly announced in Parliament in May that migration figures had flatlined.

Explaining figures at the time, Jenrick said: “These particularly high figures are in large part due to temporary and exceptional factors such as the UK’s Ukraine and Hong Kong BNO schemes.

“Last year, more than 200,000 Ukrainians and 150,000 Hong Kong British nationals overseas made use of the routes to life or time in the United Kingdom.”

Richard came back in, saying, “Well, we know that work visas are up 45%, OK. We know also that existing foreign workers have extended visas.”

u200bImmigration Minister Robert Jenrick

Immigration Minister Robert Jenrick claimed figures were flatlining in May of this year


“You’ve touched on a really significant point, which is student numbers because these numbers only include a percentage, it seems, of the overall student visas, which for the year to June 2023 was some 650,000 compared to four or five years ago, it was just 200,000.

“So I mean this is more than a surge. It’s like a torrent!”

Mendoza agreed: “Yes, it is a torrent. And I think what’s interesting with this is if you’re looking at people who are here for the foreseeable future, what is the integration strategy for these people to come into this country?

“Because you know, one person, if there’s no integration strategy, it’s a problem. If it’s 1.3 million, you’ve got a huge situation on your hands!”

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