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Israeli spokesman left ‘outraged’ by Kay Burley’s ‘astonishing’ question

Sky News’ Kay Burley sparked outrage after asking an Israeli Government spokesman a question that left him “flabbergasted”.

Eylon Levy appeared on Burley’s show and hit out at her “astonishing” remarks suggesting Israel does not value the lives of its citizens.

It comes as Israeli and Hamas came to an agreement for a four-day truce to facilitate the handing over of hostages on both sides.

Burley said to Levy: “I was speaking to a hostage negotiator this morning. He made the comparison between the 50 hostages that Hamas promised to release, as opposed to the 150 prisoners that are Palestinians that Israel has said that it will release.

Eylon Levy was left ‘flabbergasted’.


“He made the comparison between the numbers and the fact that…does Israel not think that Palestinian lives are valued as highly as Israeli lives?”

Levy was left briefly “speechless” at the question, and blasted Burley’s “astonishing accusation”.

Israel attacks
Israel was attacked by Hamas terrorists on the 7th of OctoberGETTY

He later took to GB News to recall the interview, admitting to Patrick Christys he was left “flabbergasted”.

“I’ve given many interviews and that was the first question that left my jaw on the floor”, he said.

“The idea that since Israel is releasing 150 Palestinian prisoners convicted of violent offences in exchange for 50 hostages somehow means that we care less about Palestinian lives because that is the deal we have agreed to.

“If we could do a one for one swap, that would be preferable.

“The idea that you take Israel’s willingness to release people who have been convicted of violent offences in order to get innocent children who have been held in a tunnel and to turn that into a narrative of demonisation against Israel… insinuations like that are outrageous.”

It comes after it was announced Foreign Secretary David Cameron will meet Palestinian leaders amid the conflict.

The former prime minister earlier held talks with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Isaac Herzog as it was confirmed a four-day ceasefire will begin on Friday morning.

He will continue his visit to the region on Friday, meeting with Palestinian leaders to focus on how the UK can help respond to the crisis in Gaza.

In a post on X, the Foreign Office said: “In Israel today, @David_Cameron met Israeli leaders and families of hostages. He offered his condolences for the Israelis killed by Hamas on October 7 and discussed efforts to free hostages in Gaza.

“Tomorrow, in meetings with Palestinian leaders and aid agencies, he will focus on how UK efforts can help alleviate the growing humanitarian crisis in Gaza. We are working towards a long-term political solution to this crisis.”

It was confirmed that the pause in fighting will start from 7am local time, with aid “going in as soon as possible”, according to Qatari officials.

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