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I had freshly fake tanned and was mortified by how it left the toilet at work – it’s lucky I’d already quit

A WOMAN was left mortified when she realised the lasting impact her fake tan had left on the toilet at work.

Hayley is clearly a lover of a bronzed look, and regularly tops up her faux glow.


Hayley was mortified when she saw that she’d accidentally stained the toilet seat at workCredit: tiktok/@hayleygordon
Thanks to her fake tan, there was an orange line along the rim of the seat


Thanks to her fake tan, there was an orange line along the rim of the seatCredit: tiktok/@hayleygordon
She said she'd quit after seeing the seat


She said she’d quit after seeing the seatCredit: tiktok/@hayleygordon

But doing so ahead of a day in the office means that sometimes the tanning liquid transfers to the toilet seat when she pops to the loo.

Hayley took to TikTok to share a hilarious look at the state the seat is left in when she’s finished her business – her hand over her mouth in sheer horror.

“POV: you’ve stained the work toilet seat with fake tan,” she wrote over the video.

Hayley added in the caption that she never had to deal with the consequences of the stain, as she’s left the job.

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“Lucky I quit!” she added.

“I’d simply quit and never return,” one person commented on the video.

To which Hayley replied: “I did!”

“Stained my dentist chair once,” another wrote.

“My dad had to replace the toilet lid…” a third admitted.

As someone else commented: “Hahaha I work for a cleaning company that has the contracts for corporate buildings.

“This happens very often!”

“No but seriously I’ve done this to my toilet at home and I can’t get it off,” another admitted.

“Tips would be appreciated!”

The woman was then inundated with cleaning suggestions from those who had found themselves in the same tanning predicament.

“I used bleach on a sponge and scrubbed it a bit, then left it to soak for a few minutes and wiped it off with a dry paper towel – sorted!” one wrote.

As another added: “Cif, absolute godsend even after it’s been on for a while.

“Scrubbing is a workouttt though!”

“One of those magic erasers!! Got mine from home bargains,” a third said.

“Isopropyl alcohol,” someone else suggested.

“Don’t use acetone it’ll eat the seat.

“Alternatively you can use paint thinner”.

And others were more concerned about the position that Hayley had sat in on the toilet seat.

“Y’all sit all the way back?” one asked.

“Comfort first!” Hayley joked.

As another added: “I think the crime here is that you sit all the way back… whatttt?!”

“Sitting that far back on a public toilet is wild to me,” a third said.

“Like, are you okay babe?”

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