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Geert Wilders will spark ‘enormous tension’ with the EU, says Ann Widdecombe

Geert Wilders won the Dutch general election due to his assertion that it is “time to fight back” against mass uncontrolled immigration, according to former Home Office minister Ann Widdecombe.

She said on GB News: “I don’t think it’s going to be the end of the EU. I don’t see anything as dramatic as that, but I certainly think it will promote enormous tensions within the EU.

“After all, this is…taking a line that I don’t think anybody else is going to agree with when it goes that far – banning Korans is like trying to ban the Bible. And even in Muslim countries, if you have your Bible in private, there isn’t an issue about it. So it’s going too far.

“I think he knows that it’s going too far. But what he is doing is saying, ‘time to fight back’. That’s effectively what he said.”

Speaking during Patrick Christys Tonight, she continued: “I think that once you extend tolerance to a point where you just accept anything, then inevitably you end up with a reaction of intolerance.

“This is a very, very intolerant agenda, and one which sits very oddly in the EU. So I’m going to be interested to watch that.

“Now of course, we’ve already had the French for many, many years now preventing the hijab being worn in public, preventing the burqa being worn, the full burqa.”

“Now they have done that for a long time. This is going hugely far, it is effectively saying to people you can’t practice your religion and that I cannot see that as being consistent with any sort of human rights at all.”

Asked about a study that claimed that Leave voters were less intelligent than Remainers, she added: “Yeah, get over it – they’ve lost, they’ve never got over that, they believe that they had a God-given right to win.

“Cameron believed that and he lied and lied and lied about Project Fear. And this man is now back as Foreign secretary. They’re never going to stop moaning.”

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