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GB News ‘two viewers’ Keith and Linda joke with Richard Tice after Ant and Dec I’m A Celeb jest

After ‘I’m a celebrity’ hosts Ant and Dec threw all kinds of shade over GB News – apologising to its viewers ‘Keith and Linda’ whilst host Nigel Farage spends time in the jungle – the channel invited two viewers to share their views.

Speaking to GB News, Keith Littlefair said:

“I watched the whole show. I thought Nigel did really well. He was cool, calm, collected, very self-assured: a man for a crisis, dare one say?

“I think he’ll take everything in his stride in the jungle, he’ll stand up for himself, though, without being rude like Ant and Dec were.”

“I’ll stop watching it as soon as Nigel is out but this is the dilemma, this is what I’m watching it for.

“And this is the dilemma for ITV: he’s the pantomime villain for this year and they’ll want to keep him in because pantomime villains get ratings. But they would like him to leave the jungle as soon as possible to humiliate him.

“But I’m watching for Nigel Farage; I’m certainly not watching for Ant and Dec.”

Meanwhile Linda from St Austell said:

“I have every confidence that he’ll keep his cool in there. I watched a bit when he put his head through that doorway and saw those snakes and the lady next to him screamed and Nigel was so calm – he took it in his stride and he did it.

“I will do my best to spread the word so he doesn’t get kicked out and support him.”

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