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GB News is the ‘energetic story in British media’

Speaking to GB News Community Editor Michael Heaver, Political Commentator Patrick O’Flynn gave his view on the influence of GB News: “I think GB News is the energetic story in British broadcast media and indeed increasingly online and social media.

“If you think about the some of the issues that have been got going even just specifically by Nigel Farage instrumental in making stop the boats, you know something that the Conservative Government has to address, as a top priority.

“Instrumental in highlighting the debanking issues that not only he but but lots of other people faced either through their their political views, not aligning with these new left-wing values of the corporate sector, you know or through other over draconian approaches to to small business. That’s been another really big story.”

Patrick went on to give his assessment on the media landscape: “So I think because there’s such a large political constituency out in the country that has never seen its viewpoint reflected until GB News came along, I do think it is the story for the next five years.

“And you know, I can see the day it certainly becomes the biggest commercial broadcaster in the country and some of those other so-called established names wither away very fast.”

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