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Friends of Shrewsbury boys killed in Wales crash give heartbreaking insight on group’s future plans

The friends of four teenagers killed while on a camping trip in Wales have described them as “lovely lads”.

Jevon Hirst, Harvey Owen, Wilf Fitchett, and Hugo Morris died in a “tragic accident” while driving on treacherous roads in poor conditions at the weekend.

In their hometown Shrewsbury, friends and classmates are lighting candles and laying floral tributes in their memory.

At Shrewsbury Abbey, James Love and Alfie Lawley have been remembering their friends who they say loved adventures and music.

James and Alfie went to pay their respects


“I knew Harvey through secondary school and skating with him.” said James.

“We were very close at secondary school, out on the weekends doing fun things, same with Jev.”

“Wilf recently started coming to the gym and I tried to take him under my wing and he was such a lovely lad. He had such a bright future and it’s hard now that they’re gone because I grew up with them.”

The four boys, who were aged, 16, two of them 17, and 18 years-old were all studying their A-Levels at Shrewsbury Colleges Group and had a keen interest in music.

Wales police launch urgent search after four teenage boys disappear while camping

The bodies of the four boys were recovered yesterday


“We were gonna start a band.” said Alfie.

“Harvey was gonna be our bassist. If we do make this band it’s gonna go to the memory of them.”

“In secondary school we used to go to the practice rooms and play together. It was good memories now it’s never gonna be the same. It’s never gonna be the same without them.” James added.

“I can still hear them. It’s crazy to think we’ll never hear their voices or see their faces. It’s just weird, such a weird feeling.”

“It doesn’t feel real. It feels like we’re gonna see them later but we’re clearly not.” said Alfie.

“We’ve got no bad memories with them. Just really lovely lads amazing people.”

The church opened its doors early so the public can pay their respects.

Steve Swindon, Parish Administrator at Shrewsbury Abbey said: “The community is very shaken and shocked. Within the first hour of opening the abbey we’ve seen 40 or 50 students.”

“There was one group of 10 lads all carrying bunches of flowers and they lit candles. What they must be going through i can only imagine.

A police operation began after the boys went missing on Sunday. On Tuesday morning officers were alerted to an overturned Ford Fiesta in water on A4085 in Gwynedd.

Shrewsbury College staff have described receiving the news as “devastating” for teachers and the community.

“We will be working directly with students and staff who are affected by this terrible accident and have put in place a range of support measures for all of our community.”

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