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Feminists outraged after Glasgow Women’s Library displays pro-trans placards from activists who heckled JK Rowling

Feminists have reacted in fury after a library displayed pro-trans placards from activists who had previously heckled JK Rowling.

Glasgow Women’s Library displayed the signs as part of their 16 Days of Activism exhibition but reportedly included those from Cabaret Against The Hate Speech which staged a protest outside a conference supporting women’s rights hosted by the Harry Potter author.

The three-day FiLia conference held in Glasgow in October saw the protesters holding signs reading “keep TERFs out” while chanting “trans women are women”.

Displaying more of the signs seen at the protest, Glasgow Women’s Library sparked fury from feminists who called for a boycott of the public institution.

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“I cancelled my membership,” one critic raged on social media.

“I’ve been a member for years but I cannot condone this. It’s scandalous.

“And we marched for the suffragettes in 2018. I’m shocked, disgusted and downright appalled.

“Cancel their funding.”


Feminists have said they will boycott the institution over the display


Another said the library was for “women only”, claiming the institution was giving a “free pass” to transwomen.

They added: “I have cancelled my membership, cancelled my donation. You’re all absolutely disgraceful.”

One more said: “The Glasgow Women’s Library is now The Glasgow Trans Library.

“They’ve lost all sense of being and completely forgotten why they were founded.”

JK Rowling

Speaking at the conference, Rowling said: ‘This has never been about trans rights. This is about women’s rights and activists’ demands to dismantle those rights’


Speaking at the conference, Rowling, who is an outspoken critic of the trans movement said: “I will always be able to feed my family… I’ve looked around and realised that it has to be someone who can take the hit. And it has to be me. I can afford it.

“This has never been about trans rights. This is about women’s rights and activists’ demands to dismantle those rights.”

GB News has approached the Glasgow Women’s Library for comment.

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