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Disney branded ‘phoney and calculated’ over woke ideology as box office numbers plummet

US YouTuber and host of The Blaze TV, Lauren Chen, has called out Disney’s “phony and calculated” move in recent years, as the entertainment moguls have begun to push a more “woke” agenda in their films.

In their most recent blockbusters, Walt Disney Studios have begun to introduce “woke” ideologies into their animated movies.

The first sparked backlash when the studio released Lightyear in 2022, a spin off of the Buzz Lightyear character from Toy Story, which featured a lesbian couple.

The film also showed a kiss between the couple, causing the film to be banned in 14 different countries, including Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Kuwait, Egypt, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

Lauren Chen claimed that Disney are ‘absolutely on board the woke agenda’

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Walt Disney Studios and Pixar have this year now introduced their first non-binary character into the mix, featured in their June 2023 release Elemental.

The character, also voiced by a non-binary identifying actor, is part of the ‘water’ family in the film.

Disney’s other owned venture, Marvel Studios, recently saw its worst performing release in the Marvel Cinematic Studios’ history, with their all-female superhero movie The Marvels making just $$$ in its opening weekend.

Speaking to GB News, Lauren Chen said that the moves by the company prove that they are “absolutely on board the woke agenda”.

Chen told Patrick Christys: “Their film Strange World actually had one of the first outright gay characters as the lead, that he had a crush on this other male character. Lightyear, the standalone film they did, that also featured a lesbian not only surrogacy situation, but also a kiss.

“Spoiler alert, both of those movies ended up losing millions and millions of dollars at the box office.”

Chen revealed: “I think what’s undeniably true at this point is the reason why Disney is doing this from a creative standpoint is because their teams have been infiltrated by activists masquerading as either writers or artists.

“And then from a corporate standpoint, they’re also chasing those delicious ESG BlackRock bucks where of course we have these investment companies who are looking specifically to infuse money into corporations who toe the woke line.”

Walt Disney Pixar's Elemental

Pixar film Elemental featured the first ever non-binary character for Disney

Disney Pixar

Discussing the backlash received from audiences and their huge financial losses, Chen stated: “They’ve been trying to push this left wing social agenda. But what we’re seeing is that it’s not hitting with audiences.

“It turns out that when parents bring their kids to the movie theatres, they’re not looking for Disney to introduce concepts like gay surrogacy couples or anything like that. They kind of just want to be entertained.

“And actually Pixar, their latest film, also had a non binary character. I don’t know any parents who are looking for this in Disney films.”

Chen continued: “That’s not even to mention the hypocrisy Disney has here trying to be woke in the West while at the same time cozying up to things like the Chinese Communist Party.

“And of course, we’ve seen time and time again when it comes to marketing their films, they are more than happy to cut out any potentially sensitive issues just so that they can gain access to things like the Chinese market or the markets in the Middle East, which I think just goes to show how how phoney and calculated their supposed moral activism on these issues are.

“It’s just about, frankly, making money. But it’s ironic because they’re not even able to do that anymore.”

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