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‘Communism is vicious’ Senator Ted Cruz hits out at Marxism

Republican Senator Ted Cruz has condemned Marxism while opening up on his family history in Cuba.

Cruz, who has recently released a book titled ‘Unwoke: How to Defeat Cultural Marxism in America’, discussed his family’s history with Marxism in Cuba, and their fight against it.

Speaking on American news channel ‘Centerpoint TV’, Cruz began: “That family story is – all of us are the product of our family stories – and that for me has been profoundly impactful on who I am today.

“Communism is vicious. Marxism is evil. And I know this first hand.”

Ted Cruz discussed his family’s history under Castro in Communist Cuba

Centerpoint TV

The Texas senator then opened up on his family’s own experience fighting as revolutionaries in Cuba.

“You know my dad was 14 when he joined the revolution in Cuba. When he joined up alongside Fidel Castro.”

“At the time he didn’t know that Castro was a communist. He was just fighting against Batista who was corrupt. But as you described my dad was thrown in prison in Cuba. He was tortured in Cuba.

Though Cruz’s mother is American, his father Rafael, now an evangelical preacher, originally came from Cuba, having obtained political asylum after his student visa expired.


Senator Ted Cruz and Bill Maher
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Cruz continued, “When he left, he fled Cuba and he came to America, came to Texas seeking freedom, and the revolution succeeded in 1959 and his kid sister, my aunt, my tia Sonia, she was still there.

“And she saw what happened and they discovered that as bad as Batista had been, Castro was much much worse, and so my Tia Sonia began fighting in the counter-revolution. Fighting on the other side.

“She likewise was thrown in jail. She was tortured, this time by Castro’s goons.”

Cruz’s Aunt Sonia recently spoke about her experiences in Cuba on his podcast ‘Verdict with Ted Cruz’, saying: “Everybody was going to have whatever they want to. The poor will never be poor and everybody will be the same.

Ted Cruz

Cruz spoke about his father and aunt’s experiences being tortured in Cuba

“In reality, yes everybody was the same, but everybody was poorer. Everybody got paid the same… there was no difference between the poor and rich. Everybody was miserable”

The interview came just days after Cruz was critical of US President Joe Biden over his relations with Iran and for giving $100 billion to the Ayatollah, saying the US are funding ‘terrorists’ and that Biden had ‘direct responsibility’ for the situation in Israel.

“Iran funds Hamas, the Wall Street Journal reported it in September. They brought Hamas terrorists to Iran and trained them in Iran to carry out the attack.

“And I start from a really simple principle. Don’t give money to terrorists who want to kill us. And unfortunately the Democrat Party’s on the other side of it.”

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