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CIA find unexplained wreckages from crashes – ‘Intelligence CAN’T pin this on China or Russia’

UFO expert Nick Pope says Russia and China cannot be behind the reported discovery of nine Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs).

A report suggests the United States government has successfully recovered at least nine non-human craft, two of which are said to be intact.

Speaking on GB News, The former Ministry of Defence worker told Patrick Christys that the claims are not another “silly season conspiracy pop culture story”.

“This is a serious defence, national security and science story that can change forever our understanding of the universe and the people in it”, he said.

Nick Pope has spoken about the possibility of a UFO discoery


“We’ve had US Navy videos of jets chasing these things, but whatever they are, they run rings around us.

“We’ve had reports from the office of the Director of National Intelligence talk about how some of these objects are using technology, electromagnetic jamming for example, to thwart our radar systems.


Patrick Christys and Nick Pope

Nick Pope spoke to GB News’ Patrick Christys


“So there is an intelligence behind whoever is operating this.”

Pope said that while it would be easy to blame other nations, he said there is no evidence to suggest this is the case as of yet.

“As far as our intelligence people are concerned, they have not been able, so far as we know, to pin this on China, Russia or anyone else”, he said.

“We’ve had that and then we’ve had whistleblowers say no, we have actually recovered the latest story.

“Somebody said one of these objects have been recovered, some crashed but some relatively intact.”

The Daily Mail reports that the CIA orchestrated the recovery and storage of the alleged crafts.

An insider said: “There’s at least nine vehicles, with different circumstances for each.

“Some are damaged from crashes, while two are completely intact.”

It comes amid attempts in America to make the process behind UFO research more transparent.

Senators are bidding to force the declassification of top security US government UFO files, demanding results in less than a year’s time.

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