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Christians fume after release of woke ‘pride bible’ as followers accused of ‘picking and choosing’ teachings

A new “pride bible” has sparked fury among Christians who claim the “twisted” interpretation of the Holy book is “ridiculous”.

The Modern Standard Version: Holy Bible Pride Edition has been slammed by Christians online following its release.

According to publishers, the book is the worlds first “affirming and inclusive” bible which features the Old and New Testament.

An overview of the book states that: “Anglo-Saxon words such as sin and Hell (which are not Hebrew or Greek words) have been replaced case by case with the proper English words.

The pride bible has received a one star rating on American bookseller site, Barnes and Noble

Barnes and Noble

“Also, there were six scriptures known as ‘the clobber scriptures’ that have been used to hate, condemn and exclude the LGBTQ community.

“Those six passages have nothing to do with homosexuality. Yet, the reason why they claim to do those things is because they say they hate “sin”. It’s not sin they hate, it’s homosexuals!”

The book has received backlash from some Christians who accuse publishers of “picking and choosing what teachings to follow”.

One person wrote: “First of all, these authors have no business offering an interpretation of the Bible when they themselves are not Christians.

“They want to make Christianity what THEY think it should be and pick and choose what teachings to follow. These authors are exactly the kinds of people St Paul warned us about in 2 Timothy 4:3-4.”

Another said: “There’s nothing holy about twisting Scripture to suit your sinful lifestyle. Disgusting.”

A third added: “If you love nothing more than obscuring truth, re-writing scripture and, ultimately, doing the devil’s work, then buy this ‘Bible’.”

The pride bible has received a one star rating on American bookseller site, Barnes and Noble.

Earlier this year, a Christian man was arrested in Pennsylvania during a “Pride” event for reading excerpts from the Bible aloud.

The man reportedly stood near the parade and started reading from 1 Corinthians 14:33 – a verse that speaks of peace.

However, police confirmed that the man was not charged for reading the Bible verses.

“He was not arrested for reading a bible verse. He was arrested for being disorderly. His volume was at a level that he was heckling a preplanned and permitted event. He was given an area he was allowed to protest in and was asked to keep the volume at a level that was not problematic or that was inciting public inconvenience,” the officer told Newsweek.

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