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Charlie Peters provides major update on grooming gang scandal

Speaking yesterday in an address to GB News members, Charlie gave the following update: “So a big update in the national grooming gang scandal story.

“Today, the National Crime Agency announcing that they will start no new investigations into the scandal in Rotherham.”

Charlie went on to explain the situation: “They’ve conducted 200 arrests since 2015 when the operation launched, leading to dozens of convictions and dozens of ongoing investigations expected to stretch into 2027.

“But there are going to be no new investigations, instead shifting the responsibility onto South Yorkshire Police.

“Today I spoke to whistleblowers and survivors from the town who said that they were concerned that South Yorkshire Police wouldn’t have the capabilities to take on that responsibility.

“As you may recall, after the scandal erupted in 2014, South Yorkshire Police went through a significant investigation by the Independent Office of Police Conduct which upheld dozens of complaints about the forces efficiency and accuracy and professionalism during that period, when over 1,500 girls were abused and exploited by predominantly Pakistani men in the South Yorkshire town.”

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