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Cambridgeshire’s ‘wonky’ Christmas tree leaves locals baffled: ‘It’s embarrassing!’

A wonky Christmas tree has left residents in the Cambridgeshire town of March baffled.

The 30-foot tall evergreen tree, which was installed in March’s Market Place, distinctively leans at the top.

But the Christmas tree will glisten tonight as local residents gather for the light turn on.

The event starts at 6pm and the official switch on will happen an hour later.

Festive volunteers in the area claimed the tree was wonky when it was received.

However, social media users were divided on the situation.

One user suggested the tree had been “plonked down without much care” and the “branches at the bottom need sorting out”.

Others described the situation as “embarrassing” and “ridiculous”.

But a more supportive local resident said: “Life is short. Dance in the rain.”

Another simply wrote: “I’m looking forward to the switch on, at least we are having lights unlike some places.”

A third added: “Thank you for all your efforts.”

In a response to the backlash, March Christmas Lights said: “The tree has been delivered to the March market place and response on social media appears to be mixed.

“While all feedback is noted, we endeavour to make improvements to the tree, switch on event, and lights.

“Can we humbly suggest if you’re truly not happy, that you consider becoming a volunteer saftey steward.

“Or consider joining the Christmas lights switch on committee, so that you can help to make the necessary improvements.”

The committee, who ordered the tree in the first two months of 2023, added: “It’s down to the supplier/luck as to what overall size/condition of tree we receive in the end.

“I’ve spoken to a member of the team who erected the tree and have been advised that the tree is as straight as it’s going to be, [the] only other option would be to replace the tree (which we cannot afford to do).”

March Town Council town clerk Sarah Lemmon described the tree as “beautiful” and compared it to a popular Italian tourist attraction.

She warned critics were attempting to “kill the spirit of Christmas” after suggesting it was like the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Sarah Lemmon said last week: “It is very disappointing that each year sees a small (but very vocal) minority surface, which seems hell-bent on spreading negativity, finding fault, levelling criticism, and generally trying to kill the spirit of Christmas.”

She added: “Yes, it is a little bit wonky. But it is a beautiful tree that will be decorated this weekend and, let’s face it, Pisa’s famous leaning tower is celebrated and adored the world over.

“Why not enjoy our ever-so-slightly-leaning tree and express some gratitude and festive cheer?”

Resident Kimberley Williams also suggested it was March’s version of the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

“The Italians have got the leaning tower of Pisa – March has now got the leaning tree of Christmas,” she told the BBC.

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