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‘Buying trade!’ Norman Baker blasts MBEs given to South Korea girlband ‘They’re for public service!’

Norman Baker has blasted MBEs being given to South Korean popband Blackpink.

Speaking on Breakfast with Eamonn and Isabel , the former MP said: “King Charles didn’t decide this, he’s just told what to do about the government.

“But the government’s decided that these MBEs should be given to this South Korean pop group girl band called Black Pink.

“Now the thing about MBEs and honours generally, is they’re for public service to recognise what you’ve done in society over many, many years.

“There are honorary MBES given to foreign people, but they tend to be given to people who’ve been in this country for a long time, like Bob Geldof or something perhaps.

And actually oddly enough as a minister I had to give out MBES because or or awards to people because honorary MBES aren’t given out by the royal family, given out by ministers because that’s how the system works.

“So this is a break in tradition anyway that Charles are doing this.

Eamonn added: “This is a pop group and they’re only we’re only the MBE’s I think because but we talk about Jeremy Hunt buying votes with his budget yesterday. I mean again this is buying trade.”

Baker agreed: Yes, it is buying trade.”

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