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Brother of Hamas hostage says he is being held in ‘horrifying conditions’

THE brother of Evyatar David, a hostage being held by Hamas in Gaza, has paid tribute to him and described him as “very strong and resilient”.

Ilay David said on GB News: “We are, of course, so happy for each hostage that is coming home, especially the kids and the women. But we also know that my brother is still there and there are horrifying conditions where he’s been held, and we just keep doing what we can to bring him back sooner.

“We had contact with him via WhatsApp on October 7. Actually, the last message from him was at 7:40am and after that, it disappeared.

“His cell phone was disconnected and his friends would not answer anymore, but we actually got lucky. He was kidnapped, two of his best friends were murdered.”

Speaking to Camilla Tominey, he continued: “We actually know very little and also the officials that came to us and told us what’s going on, they have no information really, exact information and specific information about my brother, they have actually more like intelligence.”

He added: “Our loved ones just went to celebrate in a peace festival and the only crime they committed was celebrating and their punishment is being held by murderous people underground for almost 60 days now.

“And we as families, I can talk all day for myself, I’m having nightmares. I barely eat, I actually forget to eat. But we try to do anything we can really, travelling around the world and talking to officials and interviewing and that’s something that keeps us going on and we have to keep living and do whatever we can.

“My brother is a younger man, he’s 22, is a gentle and sensitive boy, is such a loving brother and a loving son to my parents and he’s a musician who plays the guitar.

“I play the piano we play together on a weekly basis. But I also know that he’s very strong and resilient and he has such a calm mindset and I hope that will help him to stay patient and brave. And I also hope that he tries to help the people around him.”

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