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British tourist ‘gang raped’ while on holiday in Benidorm

A Spanish court has heard how a British tourist was allegedly gang-raped by three men whilst on holiday.

The victim told the court in Alicante that she had left a bar to smoke on October 1, 2016.

The victim said she was gang-raped by three men after being spiked on a family holiday.

The court heard how the last thing the victim recalled was stepping outside before ‘waking up face down in the backseat of a car’.

Local media reported the victim saw ‘three or four men’ in the car with her.


She said she had her “clothes unbuttoned and feeling pain in her legs and sexual organs”.

Local media reported the victim saw “three or four men” in the car with her.

The court heard one of them reportedly apologised to her after she left the car.

She then said returned by taxi to her hotel.

Benidorm coast

The three men pleaded innocent


Upon returning to the hotel, she called the police with her mother.

A complaint to the police was also filed.

Local media reported the accused are three men, a Spaniard and “two North Africans”.

It has also been reported three men have pleaded innocent.

One of the defendants claimed the act was consensual.

Another admitted his DNA had ben found on her clothing after he “pulled her out of the car while she was very drunk”.

If convicted, the men could face 12 years in prison for sexual assault.

They are also charged with an alleged robbery of a watch and ring the victim was wearing.

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