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Britain rejoin the EU!? Hardly

There’s no doubt that the Government has failed to maximise the huge opportunities offered by Brexit. In fact, that’s a massive understatement.

In particular, the Conservative Government’s choice – and it is a choice – to ramp up legal net migration amounts to a complete betrayal of Brexit voters.

But the whole point of Brexit is that we are now in control and are no longer subject to the EU’s open border policy.

The UK should now leave the ECHR too in order to stop the boats.

And make absolutely no mistake about it – the issue of immigration is now dominating much of the political debate right across Europe.

So despite Ursula von der Leyen claiming Britain will rejoin the bloc, many countries instead now increasingly question their own futures within the European Union.

As Brexiteers predicted, the EU is headed in one direction: Further expansion and an even bigger centralisation of power to Brussels.

The EU now talks openly about further enlargement, with 2030 now the stated deadline.

When it comes to centralisation, just look at the recent backing for plans championed by Guy Verhofstadt.

It includes virtually the end of national government vetoes, a prospect that has sparked a fierce backlash in countries like Poland.

The governing Law and Justice party hit out at the plans by saying: “The resolution on EU Treaty changes was unfortunately adopted in the European Parliament, supported by the votes of some Polish MEPs. For voting in favour of these changes, those MEPs should be held accountable as this is an act against Polish interests.”

Guy Verhofstadt openly gloated after the proposals went through: “European Parliament proposes radical and ambitious reform of the treaties – ending unanimity and creating a defence union.”

So as Leavers made clear, you either exit the EU or you get swept up in this relentless snowball, with ever deeper and irreversible integration.

Of course it was a massive shock to the European establishment when Geert Wilders recently surged into winning the Dutch election.

It remains to be seen whether Wilders will be the next Dutch PM, as he is dependent on other parties supporting a coalition government.

But a huge part of the Wilders agenda is Nexit and he urgently wants a Dutch referendum on EU membership. That was a key plank of the policy platform that saw the the Party for Freedom come first at the polls.

Meanwhile in Sweden, the biggest right-wing party is also toying with a Swexit.

The Sweden Democrats won a whopping 73 seats at the last Swedish election, finishing as the second largest party overall. They are now supporting the current Swedish governing coalition.

One of their most senior figures, MEP Charlie Weimers, has now fired something of a final warning to Brussels.

His position is that if the EU continues to suck powers away from nation states then: “At that point, I will demand an immediate Swexit.”

There are many other examples across Europe of increasingly Eurosceptic forces gaining momentum and power.

Germany has seen the AFD – who describe the EU as a “failed project” – recently hit new record-high levels of support, sitting in second place in the German national polls.

Whilst Marine Le Pen in France has seen her party leading the European Elections polls, with Emmanuel Macron’s supporters warning that she is now the candidate most likely to become the next President of France.

At the heart of much of this is the issue of immigration and border control. The UK is ahead of the game having left the EU but, sadly, the Government has failed to take advantage.

But be under no illusion: The debate about governments taking back control from the European Union is now raging as countries scramble to strengthen their borders – and genuinely take back control.

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