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‘Bedlam’ erupts in London as thousands of Albanians block cars and launch fireworks to ‘celebrate independence day’

Thousands of Albanians descended on the streets of London, launching fireworks and throwing bottles as they celebrated their independence day.

The streets around Westminster were blocked by crowds waving Albanian flags and setting off fireworks with police confirming arrests had been made.

Audis, Mercedes and convertible sports cars were seen driving on the pavement and honking their horns.

Regular traffic trying to get through the capital was brought to a halt after the rally caused roads to be closed.

Albanian nationals causing chaos in Parliament Square last night

GB News

Cars were draped in Albanian flags

Cars were draped in Albanian flags

Met Police

One local office worker, who saw the chaos unfold around 8pm, told GB News: “It was bedlam. The main road around Parliament – right next to the statue of Churchill – was blocked and men dressed in Albanian football shirts, in cars draped in flags, were shouting and screaming with several deliberately blocking traffic.

“No other cars could get through and the police seemed unsure what to do.

“Eventually officers moved some of the cars, but it was very intimidating and locals and tourists alike were confused and scared.

“It’s not what you expect to see on a British street on a weekday evening.”

There were also reports of bottles being thrown within the crowd.

The Metropolitan Police has now confirmed it arrested multiple people after some people threw fireworks towards the crowd.

A dispersal order was issued on the streets of central London, giving officers greater powers to make people leave the area or detain them if they refuse.

Social media showed videos of demonstrators driving through the capital in front of landmarks such as the London Eye and Big Ben with Albanian flags draped across their bonnets.


albanians block road

‘It was bedlam,’ one local said

GB News

Crowds on London Bridge

Crowds on London Bridge

Met Police

A young child was seen in one video standing up through the sunroof of a car with an Albanian flag wrapped around him as fireworks were let off nearby.

Loud firecrackers were let off while the long line of vehicles beeped their horns continuously.

The European country became independent on November 28, 1912.

The police later estimated that ‘around 1,000 people’ had gathered in Belvedere Road as part of the demonstration, with the road closed between York Road and Concert Hall Approach as a result.

Police in parliament square

‘Locals and tourists alike were confused and scared,’ a source told GB News

GB News

It comes as there has been a rise in Albanian arrivals to the UK last year via small boats crossings.

Figures showed that at least 13,000 Albanians entered Britain on small boats last year. This was just under a third of all arrivals.

Former home secretary Suella Braverman sparked a diplomatic row last October when she spoke in the House of Commons about “allowing all the Albanian criminals to come to this country”.

Albania’s Prime Minister Edi Rama described the comments as “disgraceful”.

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