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Argentina blasts Britain for ‘provocation’ over ‘illegal occupation’ as tensions ramp up

Argentina has accused the UK of “provocation” over the Falklands Islands as tensions between the two countries ramps up.

Relations between Buenos Aires and London are facing fresh tests following the election of Javier Milei as Argentina’s president.

The UK has been eager to show its support for the Falklands after Milei made clear his intentions to take back control of the territory.

Last week, the UK sent Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State David Rutley to the islands in a sign of solidarity amid the heightened rhetoric.

Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State David Rutley visited the island


Argentina refused to meet with the British representative during his visit, claiming that his trip took place “in the context of the illegal British occupation of the Malvinas”.

Visiting the Falklands last week, Rutley said that the Islands were an “important part of the British family”.

“I will reiterate that the UK stands firmly behind the Falkland Islanders’ rights of self-determination,” he said ahead of the visit.

“The Falkland Islands has a flourishing economy and is making great strides in the fight against climate change, which I look forward to learning about first-hand.”



The Falklands has been proved contentious


Argentina’s Secretary for Malvinas Guillermo Carmona also criticised the Government for planning to send Rutley as a representative on behalf of the UK to President Milei’s inauguration.

“The Argentine Foreign Ministry rejected the visit to the Malvinas by the Under-Secretary for the Americas, the Caribbean, and Overseas Territories of the Foreign Office, David Rutley, he said.

“He will represent the UK at Milei’s presidential inauguration.

“It’s not a joke, it’s a provocation.”

In his victory speech last month, Milei promised that the “reconstruction of Argentina begins today”.

He said: “The Malvinas are Argentine. Now we have to see how we are going to get them back.

“It is clear that the war option is not a solution.”

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