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Antisemitism crackdown in schools and universities after surge in cases

The Government will invest millions of pounds cracking down on antisemitism in British schools and universities, Jeremy Hunt has confirmed.

Hunt revealed a pot of £7million will seek to address the recent rise in antisemitic incidents over the next three years.

Addressing MPs during his Autumn Statement, the Chancellor of the Exchequer said: “I am deeply concerned about the rise of antisemitism in our country.

“I am announcing up to £7million over the next three years for organisations like the Holocaust Educational Trust to tackle antisemitism in our schools and universities.

“I will also repeat the £3million uplift to the community security trust.

“When it comes to antisemitism and all forms of racism we must never allow the clock to be turned back.”

Hunt also expressed his horror at events in Israel on October 7 and subsequent loss of life.

The South West Surrey MP told MPs: “I want to express my horror at the murderous attack on Israeli citizens on October 7 and the subsequent loss of life on both sides.

“I will remember for the rest of my life, as I know many other Honorable Members will, being taken to Auschwitz by Rabbi Barry Marcus and the remarkable Holocaust Educational Trust.

“But I am deeply concerned about the rise of antisemitism in our country.”

The Metropolitan Police recorded 218 antisemitic offences in London between October 1 and 18.

Scotland Yard revealed there had been a year-on-year rise of 1,353 percent, with just 15 similar crimes reported during the same period in 2022.

The UK’s largest police force added Islamophobic crimes had increased by 140 per cent from 42 to 101.

Israel’s war with Hamas and the plight of the Palestinians has led to activists taking to the streets.

Pro-Palestine protests, who have demonstrated across Britain’s major cities on every weekend since October 7, have been described by the Metropolitan Police as “largely peaceful”.

However, Scotland Yard has put out appeals and photographs of demonstrators suspected of a range of offences, including using discriminatory language and causing an affray.

Officers detained more than 100 pro-Palestinian protesters after activists broke away from a march that took place through London on Armistice Day.

At least 92 far-right counter-protesters were detained earlier in the day “to prevent a breach of the peace”.

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