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America has ‘LOST RESPECT for the truth’ says Frank Luntz

American pollster Frank Luntz has claimed America has “lost respect for the truth” in a damning verdict on the country’s current state of play.

Speaking on GB News, he told John Cleese that too many are “afraid” of being cancelled as a result of the political outlook.

He claimed we are living in an era where it is difficult to establish what the truth is.

“When I talk to you [John Cleese], you make eye contact, most people don’t”, he said.

Frank Luntz speaks on GB News


“Most people don’t because they are intimidated by it. When they see someone is looking at them, they’ll look down, they’ll look around, they don’t pay direct attention.

“I see how this room is constructed, I see how far the tables are away from each other, I see where the lights are placed.”

Cleese commented on the setup of his GB News show, the Dinosaur Hour, saying the “intimate” setting facilitates a more in depth discussion between him and the guest.

Luntz responded: “What’s different from this is most shows that are discussion orientated.

“You’re on a couch or you have a chair and the guests have a couch. This is much more personable.

“We’re afraid to say what we really think. We’re afraid of being cancelled or judged.

“Your effort is to bring out the truth and there is nothing more important than the truth.

“That is why I’m in Great Britain and not the US. The US has lost respect for the truth. Our politicians, our business leaders.

“The substance of these conversations are so important right now, but we say things to make ourselves look good rather than what we truly feel.”

The political commentator told Cleese he is concerned about democracy potential being lost in a post-truth era.

John Cleese

John Cleese spoke to Frank Luntz


“If we lose truth, we lose democracy”, he said, to which Cleese responded: “absolutely.”

Luntz went on to brutally mock Donald Trump as he compared the former US President to Boris Johnson.

“The two of them are not the same”, he said.

“Boris has written more books than Trump has read. Trump has coloured in more books than Boris has written”, he quipped.

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