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Alex Salmond sues SNP ministers for ‘bias’ in £3million court case

Alex Salmond is launching legal action worth £3million against the Scottish Government following an investigation into sexual misconduct claims made against the former First Minister.

The 68-year-old, who left Bute House after losing the 2014 Scottish independence referendum, is understood to have lodged a petition at the Court of Session arguing various past and present civil servants were guilty of “misfeasance”.

The Court confirmed the case is known as Alex Salmond v Scottish Ministers.

A hearing relating to the civil action took place before Lord Douglas Fairley yesterday.

It will likely be publicly confirmed as soon as this afternoon, The Herald has claimed.

Salmond, who leads Alba Party after disagreeing with SNP bigwigs on Scotland’s separatist strategy, is reportedly requesting damages and loss of earnings in the region of £3million.

The former First Minister’s case is related to the Scottish Government’s probe into Salmond in 2018.

The investigation was launched after two female workers complained about his behaviour.

Salmond previously challenged the Government’s probe in a judicial review action at the Court of Session.

He proved it had been unlawful, unfair and “tainted by apparent bias”.


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