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‘A slap in the face to the British public!’

Suella Braverman has staged another intervention, slamming the latest net migration figures.

She described the latest figures as a “slap in the face to the British public”, saying: “enough is enough”.

The former Home Secretary, who was sacked earlier this month, suggested Rishi Sunak had blocked measures to prevent migration, which she claimed she had been “pushing for” when she was in the Home Office.

Braverman claimed she pushed for an annual cap on net migration; an increase to the salary threshold, taking it to £45,000; the closure of the graduate visa route; a cap on the number of health and social care visas; and limits on the number of dependents on all visas.

Writing on Twitter, the former minister said: “Today’s record migration stats show we’ve let in an extra million people in just 2 years, a population equivalent to Birmingham.

“The pressure on housing, the NHS, schools, wages, and community cohesion, is unsustainable. When do we say: enough is enough?

“We were elected on a pledge to reduce net migration, which was 229k in 2019.

“Today’s record numbers are a slap in the face to the British public who have voted to control and reduce migration at every opportunity.

“We must act now to reduce migration to sustainable levels.”

She added: “Brexit gave us the tools. It’s time to use them.

“As [Home Secretary], I pushed to: put an annual cap on net migration; raise the salary threshold to £45k (excluding health & social care); close the graduate visa route; cap health & social care visas; limit dependents on all visas.”


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