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Mediterranean Inspired Quinoa Salad

I’ve taken some of my favorite flavors of the Mediterranean and created this warm quinoa salad recipe, featuring the best of what the Mediterranean has to offer — olives, capers, sun-dried tomatoes and served it with lemon dressing. Quinoa is amazing.  It is actually a seed, high in protein, gluten-free, easy to digest, and quick [...]

Slow-Cooked Pulled Pork Sandwiches

My Pulled Pork Sandwich Recipe allows you to experience the smokey and complex flavors of barbecue smoked pulled pork, even if you don’t own a smoker or if you’re craving a smoked pulled pork sandwich in the middle of winter, like me. The secret is to imparting a smokey flavor is to use Hickory Liquid [...]

Ground Lamb Ragu with Egg Noodles

My rich and creamy Ground Lamb Ragu Sauce is made by slowly simmering some traditional vegetables, like carrots, onions, and celery, with ground Ontario lamb, Prosciutto ham and herbs like rosemary and thyme to create a ragu sauce recipe that is complex and has a more intense flavor than a more traditional ragù sauce. My [...]

Guinness Irish Beef Stew

Whether it’s for St. Patrick’s day, or a warm and hearty stew for a cold winter night, my Guinness Irish Beef Stew is savory and loaded with flavor.   It goes well with some sour dough bread, which is ideal for dipping in and mopping up every last drop of the thick and rich Guinness stew [...]

Beef Bourguignon Recipe

My Beef Bourguignon Recipe uses Beef Cheeks and Beef Neck for melt-in-your-mouth tender beef in a rich, creamy, Burgundy wine sauce. The recipe is inspired by Julia Child’s Beef Bourguignon recipe, and uses ideas from Tyler Florence to reduce complexity (but not flavor!). My main twist on this recipe is to use rarely-used but oh-so-tasty [...]

Pork Meatballs with Home-Made Tomato Sauce

My Pork Meatballs are tender and juicy on the inside, and slightly crispy on the outside.  I use uncooked pork sausages (although you can use ground pork if you’d like) for flavor, and add grated apple and onion to my Pork Meatball Recipe to give them amazing texture on the inside and outside. In this [...]

Rosemary Walnut Pesto Pasta

This Rosemary Walnut Pesto is a departure from a traditional Basil and Pine Nut Pesto, but its more intense flavors go well with bold meats like Lamb or Duck. Click on the link for the complete Rosemary Walnut Pesto Pasta recipe and HD instructional video.

Pistachio Herb-Crusted Rack of Lamb

Your dinner guests will go nuts for this Pistachio and Herb Crusted Rack of Lamb.  I used Frenched Rack of Lamb, which basically means that the meat, fat and membranes that connect the individual rib bones have been removed from the rack of lamb, to give it a clean look for an elegant meal.  I [...]

Coconut Shrimp with Sweet Red Chili Sauce

This Coconut Shrimp Recipe is a holiday favorite of my family’s.  The dish is prepared by dredging large coconut shrimp in sweet coconut shavings, and deep frying them to form a crispy and sweet coconut crust.  I serve these with Thai Sweet Red Chili Sauce which compliments the sweetness of the coconut shrimp with some [...]

Lamb Kebabs with Pistachios and Tzatziki

This Lamb Kebab Recipe is made with Pistachios, Tzatziki, and wrapped in a pita with french fries and veggies; it is inspired by my many trips to Europe.  While traveling throughout Europe, on any given night, after leaving the club or pub I would head to the nearest street meat stand to pick up a [...]

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